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Unveiling the Basics of Concrete Pipe and Boxes

ACPA-Thumbnail-Webinar-Unveiling-the-Basics-of-Concrete-Pipe-Boxes-1Beneath Our Feet: Unveiling the Basics of Concrete Pipe & Boxes

Intrigued by the silent champions shaping our urban landscape? Embark on a user-friendly exploration of concrete pipes and boxes, the often-overlooked backbone of city infrastructure. This presentation is designed to engage not only the non-technical enthusiast but also provides valuable insights for professionals in the concrete pipe and box manufacturing industry, including those involved in installation, inspection, and even those just starting in the technical field. Whether you're seasoned in the industry or just beginning your technical journey, navigating the challenges of discussing and explaining technical details without a specialized background can be daunting. No technical degree required—just your curiosity and questions! Let's uncover the unsung heroes together, contributing to the seamless functioning of our communities.


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