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Innovations in Concrete Pipe

ACPA-Thumbnail-Webinar-Innovations-in-Concrete-Pipe-1Innovations in Concrete Pipe

The resiliency of concrete pipe doesn’t happen by accident—it comes through strong raw materials, advanced quality control, and years of innovation. Although often seen as an old and grey product, the concrete pipe industry has and continues to innovate its product through product and process. This webinar will focus on the many advancements and innovations that have occurred within the concrete pipe industry resulting in the well-understood, resilient, and high quality concrete pipe helping build our infrastructure and communities today!

Key Takeaways

  • 1. Understand the advancement and innovations of concrete pipe.
  • 2. Relate how these advancements contribute to the strength and resilience of concrete pipe.
  • 3. Learn the different types of innovation that have happened throughout the years


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