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Quality Assurance

ACPA-Thumbnail-Webinar-Quality-Assurance-2Engineer's Guide to Quality Assurance

Reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) is the only pipe that offers the Engineer a comprehensive suite of quality control standards that cover each critical stage of service from initial manufacturing through post-installation final acceptance and beyond. When specified, this total quality assurance approach provides the Engineer and Contractor with clearly communicated acceptance criteria and mitigation protocols for each stage of concrete pipe service, including manufacturing, pre-installation, in-process construction, post-installation final acceptance, and in-service operations. If your goals include a quality-controlled resilient infrastructure as well as professionally managed construction contracts, then you will benefit from this webinar.

Key Takeaways

  • 1. The key specifications to adopt now in your project, trench details, codes and standards.
  • 2. Overview of five national ASTM and AASHTO specifications that represent the Standard of Practice for inspection of concrete pipe.
  • 3. Examples, illustrations, and highlights of each standard and the bottom line of how it impacts resiliency, efficiency, and quality


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