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Box Culverts & Accelerated Precast Construction

ACPA-Thumbnail-Webinar-Box-Culverts-Accelerated-Precast-ConstructionBox Culverts & Accelerated Precast Construction

Accelerated Precast Construction, or “APC”, is a paradigm shift in the project planning and procurement approach where a higher priority is placed on minimizing mobility impacts due to onsite construction activities.

Critical infrastructure systems often converge causing conflicts that challenge our traditional construction methods.  A common example is conveying seasonal water under an interstate freeway with minimal impact to traffic.  Once construction starts, the project is executed as quickly as possible without compromising safety.  Project designers and planners specify products and methods, such as precast concrete, that shorten on-site construction time.  Product suppliers coordinate delivery of products, such as box culvert sections, just-in-time and in logical order.  Contractors coordinate construction activity to be as continuous as possible but minimize activity during peak travel times.  Testing and inspections are coordinated to be timely and not hinder construction progress. 

Accelerated precast construction pays off on high-volume or critical routes that need to remain open.  These benefits are not as easily measured as bottom-line profits, or total project cost, but have higher value for the public.  Minimal traffic disruption and active construction sites improve public perception.  Tighter construction windows can be achieved, and workers spend less time in hazardous environments.  Material staging areas are minimized decreasing construction impact on the environment.

This webinar will highlight projects that showcase these attributes.


After the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand what Accelerated Precast Construction is
  • Recognize when APC is appropriate
  • Utilize APC methods to improve project delivery


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