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Unloading Handling and Stockpiling of RCP

Unloading, Handling, and Stockpiling of Reinforced Concrete Pipe

ACPA-Website-Thumbnail-Unloading-Handling-Stockpiling-of-RCP-1Unloading of pipe should be coordinated with the construction schedule and installation sequence to avoid re-handling and unnecessary equipment movement. Access to the jobsite shall be provided by the Contractor to ensure that the pipe manufacturer’s trucks can deliver pipe to the unloading area under their own power. Each shipment of pipe is loaded, blocked and tied down at the plant to avoid damage during transit; however, it is the responsibility of the Contractor to inspect the pipe prior to unloading to confirm that no damage occurred during transit. Total quantities of each item should be checked against the delivery slip and any damaged and/or missing items should be recorded on the delivery document. If a pipe is damaged during delivery or unloading, the pipe should be set aside. Damaged ends, chips and cracks which do not pass through the wall can usually be repaired