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Understanding Box Culvert Designs

ACPA-Webinar-Thumbnail-Understanding-Box-Culvert-DesignsHave you ever received a box culvert design and wondered how the results were derived, the parameters used to generate the product or the significance of the output information?

Watch industry design experts as they walk through a standard concrete box culvert design and the options for reviewing various levels of design details. We also review how to address state-specific parameters using the Eriksson Culvert software and how it is used as a data link with AASHTOWare Bridge Rating (BrR) for load rating box culverts.

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Watching the webinar you will:
  1. Discover the input parameters utilized in typical box culvert designs
  2. Explore the output results and what they mean in your box culvert design
  3. Learn Eriksson Culvert for your state design and BrR design load ratings


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