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Resistance Characteristics of Popit Plugs

Internal Pressure and Backfill Load Resistance Characteristics of "POPIT" Lift Hole Plugs

ACPA-Website-Thumbnails-Design-Resource-Resistance-Characteristics-of-Popit-Plugs-1The objective of this testing program is to evaluate the pressure resistance characteristics of the installed POPIT plugs with two different types of lift holes, Mechanical (smooth) and Handmade, subjected to coupled backfill and internal pressure. The key point when installing the POPIT plug is to make certain that the “ribs” grab onto the inside of the hole, which will secure the plug in place. Since the POPIT plug is neither watertight nor airtight, the goal of this study is to subject the installed POPIT plug to internal pressure while subjected to 30 ft of backfill.