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Resilience & Sustainability for Drainage Infrastructure

ACPA-Webinar-Thumbnail-Resilience-and-Sustainability-Of-Drainage-Structure-1The concepts of resilience and sustainability are not new to anyone, but the significance and importance of these terms has grown exponentially in just the last decade. While these terms are easy to talk about in a philosophical sense, we must grow our understanding of how to implement resilient and sustainable principles in design.

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This presentation will expound on the terms of resilience and sustainability and provide useful insight as to how each might be assessed and measured in the design process, specifically related to drainage infrastructure.


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Watching the webinar you will:
  1. Understanding of the terms of resilience and sustainability and how they relate to one another.
  2. Insight into the different ways resilience and sustainability can be assessed and measured for infrastructure systems.
  3. Ability to discuss the specific role drainage piping plays in sustainable and resilient design.


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