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Precast Concrete Inlets & Manholes

Considerations for the Use of Precast Concrete Inlets & Manholes

ACPA-Website-Thumbnail-Design-Precast-Concrete-Inlets-and-Manholes-1As labor and overhead costs have increased and project schedules have shortened, the use of precast concrete inlets and manholes has become increasingly common in storm drainage systems. Plant manufactured precast concrete products offer consistent quality, precise fitment and greatly reduced time of delivery and installation when compared to a cast in place alternative. These benefits are magnified when jobsite changes occur. Changes can be made with the exchange of a component or two rather than the demolition and replacement of an entire cast in place structure. However, the use of precast inlets and manholes is not as simple as accepting precast as an alternate to cast in place. There are some differences in the cast in place installation process v. the installation process for precast structures.