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HDPE Pipe Material Requirements

HDPE Pipe Material Requirements: You Have the Right to Know

ACPA-Website-Thumbnail-Design-HDPE-Pipe-Material-Requirements-2Recent research by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has found that not only does high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe produced in this country lack a reliable test to assure it does not crack prematurely in the field, but that the industry has been extremely complacent in its efforts to remedy the problem. AASHTO has kept the HDPE pipe industry actively involved in the process of trying to rectify this situation. However, the corrugated polyethylene pipe industry has found it more convenient to blame AASHTO and NCHRP for HDPE pipe’s failings than to improve the product. In support of AASHTO and NCHRP, the American Concrete Pipe Association would like to provide the history behind the federally funded NCHRP Report 429, “HDPE Pipe: Recommended Material Specifications and Design Requirements” and its efforts to develop an adequate test for the determination of environmental stress-crack resistance in HDPE pipe.